Byasi Camps A True Destination For Holidays

It is located in the state of Uttarakhand near the Rishikesh, the people from every destination can reach this destination through air, road and even rail. They are located at the best location of the country at the white sand of Ganga beach. This location is unique with the facility for swimming and rafting through the river and enjoys the beauty of nature with its unique beauty of flora and fauna.

The camp is one of the relevant location where all kinds of established and furnished to provide best experience for the rafting and rapids on the river. The location is uniquely designed by the nature and is bounded with hills and mountains all through the sides and the river flowing through the valleys are incredibly appreciable. The sides are loaded with the huge and tall trees that enhance the beauty of the place and that of the Byasi camps. These camps are a package of adventure and excitement and a relief from the daily tensions and professional life.

The adventures of the camp:-

The adventures of this camp are like rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking, sky ladder and cliff jumping like adventurous games that gives the best attraction to the camp. These are quite comfortable adventures where you can feel the nature from the nearest point through your own sight. The Byasi camps main attraction is through the rafting on the Rishikesh River which gives the most stress busting experience.

This place is situated near the Byasi village surrounded by the thick Sal forest at the Badrinath highway. This place is even an event oriented place where even competitions are organized for this water rafting like games. This place is an ideal location for the main stream of adventure and a good leisure place for the tourists.

Famous rapids of Rishikesh at Byasi camps:-

These rapids are the most exciting part of the white part of the water rafting at Ganga, and the best part of it is this can be even enjoyed by non- swimmers, kids and they can even enjoy playing with the clear water. These kinds of rapids are graded accordingly with the river rafting Rishikesh. These are like:-

Sweet sixteen:-

This is specified for the kids, non swimmers and they are provided with timber that makes it easy for them to raft down through the river. This is an easy kind of rapid and mostly favored rafting for adventurous and family holiday fun.

Cross fire:-

It’s considered as the grade iii rapid type that creates serious obstacles that includes high, irregular waves and rocks. These are for the experts who have experience with the sport for a longer period of time.

Three blind mice:-

This is done through very narrow line that even is done with experience for the rafters with safe and enjoyable rafting experience.

Other than these, there are many other raids like the wall, roller coaster and that of golf course which are every year enjoyed by the people of all age group at this camp.